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Front Doors: How Security Systems Have Changed Over Time

Every construction commences with an entrance door − its “mirror and face” that create a great first impression. The front door serves several purposes and should not only decorate the building but also ensure the highest level of safety. So let’s talk about front doors and the security systems installed on them these days.

History and important features

Entry door

It’s hard to believe now, but entrance doors did not exist before, so people used different screens, curtains, and mats instead. Then came movable partitions. The purpose of these low-key installations was to separate a certain area from the outside world, and no more than that. Other functions were out of the question.

But with the appearance of personal property, people realized that no curtains and mats would protect the house from intrusion, so they had to invent something heavier and more solid; something that no stranger could open. That’s how front doors came to be.

Their first prototypes were discovered during excavations in Ancient Egypt. The invention dates back to the third millennium BC. Such entrance doors with complete furniture – with hinges and locks – were often found in “younger” cities like Pompeii. Under the ash layers, archeologists found almost untouched constructions that resembled much of what we are used to seeing today.

The functionality has also expanded, so the doors had to:

  Protect the housing from intrusion, thereby ensuring the safety of the owner’s property;

  Keep the cold air out, providing thermal insulation;

  Decorate a building facade, make it look respectable, and create a lasting first impression since it is through the door that guests were coming into the house.

These are the same functions that entrance doors perform today, and almost nothing has changed in this respect. The only thing that has changed is the way they address these issues. People keep inventing new materials and changing the project, creating trend-setting designs. The security system, which is constantly being improved, is also not lagging behind, but we will talk about it later.

What types of front door security systems are in use today?

The times of barn locks and massive deadbolts are long gone; they can no longer protect us from sneaky burglars, thieves, and other criminals wanting to take our personal possessions. It takes 10-20 minutes for a professional thief to open even the most tricky of locks that can be opened with keys. But with new technologies appearing by the day, people learn to use them to secure their housing.

Some of such technologies are rapidly gaining momentum:

  Door viewers and cameras.

  Security management via phone.

  Fingerprint readers, etc.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the security systems presented.

Video cameras and door viewers

Setting video cameras close to the door allows you to monitor a particular area, so you can see everything going on there. The outside picture is shown on the monitor that can be installed at any convenient place indoors.

However, you can’t protect the cameras from vandals, and they can also bother the neighbors if you install them in an apartment building. That is why it would be best to install a video camera into the door viewer, which will bring a few additional benefits:

  Extended viewing angle.

  Impossibility of removing the video camera from the outside.

  Possibility of ordering a periscopic door viewer or bulletproof glass device that can protect against gunfire.

Depending on the model, cameras, including the one installed in the door viewer, can be equipped with extra features, such as:

  A video recording feature: you will know what is happening at the front door while you are away.

  An all-round view: you no longer need to lean against the door viewer as you receive a wide-angle view right on the screen.

  A warning bell: it will go off when someone approaches the front door, scaring away intruders.

  An infrared lighting system: it allows you to see everything in complete darkness.

Video door viewers including those with light curtains will not let others know if the owner is at the door or not, thereby preventing criminals from knowing about the presence/absence of the owners in the house.

Lock control from your phone (smart lock)

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives to the point that you can now control the lock on your front door with it. You will only need to install a special app to connect the two devices. With a system like this, you will no longer need to carry around your old keys. You can also unlock the door from a distance, for example, for your child or to give temporary access to guests.

There’s also a convenient automatic unlocking feature: the lock opens once you approach the door at a certain distance. Also, keep in mind that:

 You cannot lose a virtual key.

You cannot make a copy of it.

It registers all instances of opening/closing the door.

Biometric data scanning

The idea behind such technologies is to use the biometric data of certain people. As you know, a person’s fingerprint is unique, there is no other like it. When you enter the biometric data of people allowed into the house, you don’t have to worry about an unauthorized entry.

Once you install such a lock, you can forget about a bunch of keys, special cards, and other access devices. All you have to do is put your finger on the scanner, and the door will unlock. There are now biometric systems capable of memorizing up to 100 or more fingerprints, so they can be used in both residential and commercial settings.

Fear not, if your “operating” finger is cut or dirty as the system reads hundreds of dots on the papillary picture, so one of the combinations will definitely work.

Modern front doors can be equipped with electronic locks – invisible remote-controlled locks that only you and your loved ones know about, locks with ciphers, and a variety of other devices.

Not only has technology made our lives more comfortable but it has also increased security, including for front doors, which more and more people are taking advantage of.