How to Protect

How to Protect Your Home from Heat and UV Radiation

It is well known that the influence of excessive sunlight has a bad effect not only on the residents of the house but also on the walls, floors, and furniture. Therefore, it will not be useful to familiarize yourself with effective methods of protecting a room from excessive sunlight.


Popular Options for Decent Room Protection

For a room that is exposed to continuous sunlight, there are several efficient solutions available:

1) Insulating window glass with solar protection

Until recently, the production of the first insulating glass units with sun protection was carried out using a tint membrane. On the one hand, the efficiency of ray reflection was high. On the other hand, there were also disadvantages. For example, the tint membrane changed lightness, and in cloudy weather the room became dark.

Nowadays, the production of window glass with sun protection has a special coating on one of the glasses. A high-quality window glass with solar control properties can completely solve the problem of lack of sunlight. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, it becomes possible to combine all the options in one double-glazed window. For example, sun and energy protection.

2) The protection covering

If the window has already been installed and the owner does not want to change it, you can focus on a wide range of thermal protective coverings, which are applied to an already installed window. The purpose of this covering is to reflect solar radiation, thereby reducing the flow of infrared rays without reducing the illumination of the room as a whole.

3) Classic fabric curtains

The effectiveness of these curtains depends on the type of fabric and its level of density. Maximum sun protection is achieved when the curtains are made according to blackout fabrics technology. The use of such curtains as the main way of sun protection is characterized by certain disadvantages.

For example, a person is unlikely to stay in a dark room during the day, or use an electric lamp. The high-density fabric also prevents the flow of fresh air into the room. Such curtains accumulate dust, so the fabric needs frequent care.

4) Blinds

This is another popular type of sun protection. Blinds not only effectively cope with their tasks, but also have a restrained, laconic design. Blinds are a universal item. Various materials are used in the production of blinders — fabric, leather, plastic, wood, bamboo, etc. Thanks to the variety of shapes, materials, and colors, you can achieve the optimal level of sun protection, creating an interior with its unique style.


In Conclusion

With the continuous lighting of the room, it is impossible to stay in it for a long time. Don’t allow yourself to lose attention, efficiency, and good mood. Take all the precaution measures in advance.