How to Choose

Interior Doors: How to Choose Them and Stay Satisfied

Interior doors complement the interior and are one of its main components. There are thousands of different types, but many consumers are faced with a very common problem when buying: how to choose the right high-quality interior door, while not overpaying and being satisfied. You will find the answer to this question below.


Main Selection Criteria for the Interior Doors

The first step is to look at the following criteria:

1) Material

There are several types of materials available in the market:

  • Laminated doors are quite popular, but they are also the cheapest and of the poorest quality. There is one significant drawback of this material: the membrane covering the doors can be easily scratched and completely deteriorated. Most often it leads to a new purchase;
  • Veneered doors — this is a standard both in price and quality. Among their advantages is durability;
  • Massive doors — they are usually more expensive than other options. As you can guess such pieces of furniture are very heavy. This is because solid wood is the main material for such doors.

2) Type of construction

Before the purchase, you need to measure the doorway and decide what color palette and the door model itself meets your expectations. In particular, there are the following types of construction to choose from:

  • Sliding — the mechanics are similar to the wardrobes;
  • Folding — made in the form of an accordion, but today they are extremely rarely used;
  • Swing — the most common model that has been popular for a long time. It fits the room, despite the peculiarities of the interior. It can be installed both in the kitchen and in the office.


 How to Choose the Interior Door?

Before visiting a certain store, ask yourself three simple questions:

  • Why do you need a door, what function will it perform in your house?
  • How long will it serve you?
  • How much money are you willing to spend on the purchase and installation of doors?

The best soundproofing is provided by doors whose interior space does not provide echo to your knocking. The filling of the inner space of the doors, in turn, can be different. Decide how often you plan to change doors and, based on this info, select the acceptable materials from which the door of your dreams can be made.

The installation of interior doors takes place when the repair work is completed. Often, the choice of doors is based on the principle “I have a certain amount of money left that I can spend on this issue.” Before taking this path, stop and ask yourself two questions again: what function will the door in my apartment perform and how long will it serve me? Focus on your own needs. Maybe you will choose the best option in the proposed class, or in case of a lack of funds, you will live a month with an old door. The choice is yours!