Top 3 Tips for Installing Doors When Building a House

The main function of the front door is to guard the apartment and ensure a peaceful sleep for the owners. For some people, this is also a sign of hospitality and perfect taste. In a country house, the front door becomes the decoration of the facade of the house and a hallmark of the building. How to select and install the right entrance door — read below.


Choosing Appropriate Entrance Door Materials

The market offers entrance doors made of the following materials:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • plastic;
  • aluminum;
  •  glass.

It is clear that for country houses and summer cottages, the entrance door should be made of metal or steel, characterized by high strength and reliability. The second place in the ranking of entrance doors is taken by wood, which is often produced in combination with metal. Either a metal sheet is inserted inside the wooden frame, or the frame itself is made of metal. Other types of doors are rarely used since they don’t provide the required level of security.

Consider the Functions of The Entrance Door

According to the purpose, the entrance doors are divided into several types and are selected depending on the functions performed:

  • bulletproof;
  • shockproof;
  •  soundproof;
  •  fireproof;
  • sealed.

If the door is characterized by its strength, then it can be called shockproof. Bulletproof and fireproof doors are highly reliable, after the installation of which the owner of the property can be one hundred percent sure of its security. The metal structure of such doors is made of high strength alloys and processed with various substances. In private construction, sealed doors are not used, as well as soundproof doors.


Decide on the Installation Method of the Door Construction

Doors are installed in the doorway in several ways, depending on the dimensions of the opening, on the materials used in the construction of the house and its design. Despite the many advantages and disadvantages of different methods, only with a high-quality installation, the front door will never fail. Let us consider below, by what parameters it is necessary to choose one or another installation method:

  • Installation outside is the most popular method, which has its own advantages: ease of installation, opening the door to the street, and turning it 90 degrees. The downside will be the impact of precipitation and sunlight.
  • Inside installation is not very popular, since this method of the opening is less convenient.
  • According to the third option, the door is mounted directly in the doorway. This method can greatly reduce the likelihood of breaking the door frame and at the same time prevent water from leaking from the walls.

It happens that the installation is performed by the seller, but if you are sure that you can cope with this task, you can do it yourself. Only a properly installed door can serve for a long time, and there will be no difficulties in closing and opening.